Beach at Herzliya

Training Along the Mediterranean Sea

One of the benefits of my work is that I’m able to travel from time to time. Business travel is a mixed experience. On the one hand, you can end up visiting fascinating locations — I’ve been, literally, around the world to such cities as London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and more. The downside is that it’s work travel — so you’re there to accomplish something, not to see the sights. There rarely is time to devote to tourist activity.

But running gives me an opportunity to get a feel for some of these locations, by going out before or after the business day begins to see what there is to see while I get in my miles. I just returned from a week in Israel — my meetings were in Herzliya, a northern suburb of Tel Aviv. Luckily, the office was only about a mile from the Mediterranean Sea, and the hotel was right along a long a lovely beach. Fall in Israel is a lovely time — the temperature is warm, but not hot, and the sea breeze is often brisk. It made for delightful weather for running, and provided a chance to see the water as well as the neighborhoods along the beachfront.

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