The Best Laid Plans

If you’ve found my humble blog by way of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Social Media Team page, welcome. Thanks for visiting.

It was my intent, at this point, to tell you about how I’d started training for next Spring’s Credit Union Cherry Blossom ten mile race. About the plan I’d laid out, and the runs I’d completed so far. But that was all before Saturday.

Taken with the lovely weather (relatively speaking, 37 degrees, sunny and no wind), I decided to break my rest period after the Parks 10K with a quick run around the neighborhood. I laced up, stepped outside, and started to run.

Which is when my lower back rebelled, with a sharp pain that caused me to catch my breath.
If you decide to stick around, and follow my story as I prep for the race, one of the stories I’ll tell you is how you should listen to your body when it’s trying to tell you something. Today’s not that day, and neither was Saturday. I walked for a bit, started running again, with less pain. But it was clear something wasn’t right. I did finish off just over one and a third miles at slow pace, even for me. But as I came home, it was clear something wasn’t right. I suspect a simple muscle strain — it’s feeling better today, although sore. My training has been out of balance for awhile — focused on running, and not enough on core work. So it’s not that surprising.

The plan is to try some gentle yoga tomorrow evening. If that goes well, I’ll work slowly back into a more balanced training.

I hope you’ll come along for the journey — and share yours with me. There’s a lot we can learn.
But for today, the lesson is rest.

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