A long time gone

So. I was gone longer than I expected. Mostly illness and injury. The severe gout which came on at my Father’s funeral last July has recurred countless times since then. I’ve been working with a Rheumatologist since around the beginning of the year to try and tame it — not quite successful, although I’ve been able to go for a few short walk/runs to try and get back into the habit. Same with my back, where some sort of a strain deep in the muscle seems to have mostly given way to physical therapy. There are no secrets, it’s just time and work.

And of course, I’m now another year older.

I’m mostly resigned to 2019 being one of the “rebuilding years” they talk about in sport. Focus on losing some of the weight I’ve gained. Get back in proper shape. Hard to believe just two years ago, more of less, I was doing ten miles at about 11 minutes/mile. It goes quickly. In any event, I may try to run a proper race later in the year. At this point, the emphasis is on recovery. Hope to be back in the game in 2020.

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