A Better Week, Despite Disrupted Plans

Despite some unplanned schedule changes, this last week went well, and ended on a positive note. My weight continues to be a challenge, and we’re just a week away from my first long distance race of the season, the Reston Ten Miler. All the details after the break.

All things considered, it was a fairly good week for training, despite things not going to plan. Here’s a breakdown.


As usual, Monday is a rest day, after my long run. Given the dispiriting performance I turned in on Sunday’s run, I needed to time to recover and re-group.


I’d planned for a mix of shorter, easy runs, interspersed with some fast intervals. In the end, I ended up getting in one of each. Tuesday was planned as a run day, but my work schedule was completely swamped, and the only running I managed was the dash to the car to go to yoga class. After the lower back pain I’d experience Sunday, I wanted to be sure to get the workout in — I find it’s helpful physically and emotionally. It was a good workout, but by the time I returned home, I was out of time and energy to also fit in the run, so it went by the wayside.


Ended up being a lovely day for a run, although dark clouds foretold what was coming. I fit in a simple short run, 2.04 miles in 21:37, after work. Temperature was an unseasonable 73º, very odd for February around here.


That all changed in 24 hours. The temperature had dropped to 39º, and there was a heavy drizzle, leaving me soaked in the relatively short time I was out. Even geography seemed against me — I moved up my interval training from Saturday to Thursday, and it seemed just about each time a fresh speed section came up, I was somehow at the bottom of a hill. On the way back in, I started to feel some pain from a hamstring muscle — having injured both in past, I took the remainder of the run at an easier pace, afraid I’d strain or tear the muscle. Once home, I pulled out my foam rollers and went to work, trying to loosen up the muscle. In hindsight, it was an ok workout — 2.53 miles in 27:48 — although it felt pretty miserable at the time.


Scheduled a workout at the gym, and ended up not making it. My oldest son is studying in Boston, and had come down with the flu. I wanted to check on him, as well as spend some time setting him up with some professional clothes for upcoming job interviews. So, training went out the window, and I went to Boston.


Same, no workout, unless you count carting bags around the airport as a workout. My son was feeling better, interview suits had been acquired, and I needed to get back for my long run. So, a quick trip up and back. Lots of steps, not much workout.


Runday Sunday dawned cold and rainy, lots of fog interspersed with bouts of rain. I met my Potomac River Running Training group in Reston, and pretty much everyone was frowning as we looked out the windows of the store at big drops of rain falling.

I’m sure I made for an odd sight. The forecast had called for temps of 50º at the start of our run — the rain held it down to about 46º. But, given the promise of somewhat warmer weather, I’d worn shorts. But on top, I had three layers, along with gloves, and a visor to keep the rain out of my eyes. For whatever reason, I tend to feel the cold in my core — so that’s where I bulk up on layers. The gloves didn’t last long, and I unzipped my jacket and top about a third of the way in, once I’d started to warm up. But by the time I finished, I was soaked to the skin.

Especially after last week, the run itself went well — 8.04 miles in 1:29:13. I tried to focus on maintaining a slower pace, focusing on endurance. I was partly successful — splits were a bit all over — but I made it to the end with no pain and having avoiding walking.

I’d like to be in better shape for the Reston Ten Miler. As mentioned, despite the uptake in exercise and fairly careful attention to diet, my weight isn’t changing that much. I’ve been tending to cycle around the same five pounds, up and down. That’s discouraging, and requires some attention as to the composition of my diet. In any event, at this point, it is what it is. The weather looks clear, although a bit cool, so should make for a good run. I’ll be treating the race as just another long training run, as I prepare for the real prize, the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile.

Check in on my fellow team members, and their training experiences for the week, by following the link below.

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